An artist in the making

Like every Sunday morning, the farmers' market in Norwich was bustling. People darted from stall to stall looking for the freshest and cheapest produce they could find. At a corner…

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Climbing “the tall one”

The small plane circled the snow-covered summit of the Alaska Range. The plane soon descended and landed on a flat section of the glacier 7200 feet above sea level. Throughout…

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My History teacher

I had mixed feeling when I found out that Mr Green was going to be my History teacher. His bulky frame that towered over everyone else and the ferocity in…

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Dream vs Reality

Lying under the stars on the hard stone bench in the deserted park, I remained awake and alert. I refused to fall asleep. I had heard stories of how a…

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Fighting the Ebola virus war

Dr. Joshua Mugele showed up for work as usual at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital. He sauntered past a screaming lady in pain, a long queue of disgruntled patients…

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